Thank you for joining us on our journey to world peace since 2009! The Jubilee Peace Fest is in a stage of transformation and we look forward to hosting another festival in Cincinnati, Ohio very soon. Please stay tuned as we evolve. In the meantime, check out these amazing projects we’ve been working on and please assist our crowdfunding campaign to better the planet!

IMG_1580Be part of the world peace tipping point and celebrate the 10th anniversary of Dr. Will Tuttle’s groundbreaking book The World Peace Diet by backing our next decade’s efforts of self-publishing media:  two World Peace Diet companion books–World Peace Diet Cookbook by Culinary Olympic award-winning Chef Mark Stroud and World Peace Yoga book by nationally known yogini, and founder of World Peace Yoga Anna Ferguson. Our second decade also includes realizing our dream of nationally launching a World Peace Diet Cuisine line of organic, gluten-free, sugar-free vegan food products. How many times has Dr. Will Tuttle been asked after creating this practical tool, The World Peace Diet, “what do I eat on this diet?” And our answer is, “you have read the book, now eat the food.” To achieve this, funds raised in this campaign will also support the World Peace Diet Cuisine food line’s development. This incorporates a commissary food-manufacturing kitchen — the Peace House Grille dining area — for test marketing food products for a national reach while providing Cincinnati local sustainable vegan eating.

Please check out our Indiegogo campaign “World Peace at Tipping Point” to learn more, contribute what you are able and select your preferred PERK.

You may also support this endeavor with an RSVP of “going” to our virtual Facebook event. Please join and invite others to likewise “go.” Let’s get as many folks involved as possible!

Thank you fellow peacemaker!

JubileeKidsAt the Jubilee Peace Fest we’re serving up a variety of yoga workshops, meditation practices, vegan cooking classes, health & fitness seminars, eco-living/permaculture talks, spiritual activism, live music and more with national & internationally known teachers, musicians, authors, artists and chefs unfolding the path to world peace.  Delicious, compassionate and diverse vegan meal choices exquisitely prepared and served by the attentive staff of Peace House Grille under the direction of award winning Chef Mark Stroud.  There is something for all ages at the Jubilee Peace Fest!

FallWhy “Jubilee”? Celebrating the end of the Civil War, more than fifty thousand people attended the National Peace Jubilee Concert in 1869 in Boston, Massachusetts. With the concert’s success, it was followed in 1872 with the World’s Peace Jubilee, another music event that marked the ending of the brutal Franco-Prussian War. Featured singers at this event were the Jubilee Singers from Fisk University, a predominately African American college located in southern United States. Starting in Cincinnati, Ohio, the Jubilee Singers went on a concert tour following the path of the underground railroad. Their persistent and triumphant journey inspired and captivated audiences unaccustomed to African American culture and freedom all across the country.

JubileeKids2We jubilantly continue this tradition of celebration, forgiveness and peace with the Jubilee Peace Fest. More than a conference this gathering will celebrate, as in the past, a future where all are forgiven and all beings enslaved everywhere are happy and free once and for all.

Environmentalists:  For the earth lover in you, enjoy cutting edge eco-living-veganic-permaculture classes, including inspiring teachers and conversations to understand and make connections between our economy, climate change, pollution and poverty in the world and what we are able to do about it.

Foodies: For the vegan in you, come enjoy delicious world class vegan food while dining with well known vegan authors, speakers and friends and learn about cooking, nutrition, gardening, music, lifestyle and more.

HeadtoKneeAnimal Lovers:  For the animal in you, come enjoy conversations with other like-minded and kindred souls. Learn with inspired teachers about the connection between fellow animals and the environment, world peace, compassionate living, sacred activism, and more.

Yogis:  For the guru in you get activated on and off the mat by yoga masters teaching the pure essence of yoga, including asana, chakras, and meditation.